fertility treatment novaLooking for a personal touch to understanding your fertility cycle medications?

The pharmacists at Hann’s have 20 years of experience with fertility medications and genuinely enjoy helping a patient know when and how to use them, as well as the actions of the treatments.  Decreasing stress and any anxiety during a fertility cycle is key, and that is attainable when you have a pharmacist that cares and gives you the time needed for counseling. A knowledgeable and seasoned staff can give the patient great reassurance that they are in good hands.

We have a private consultation room for questions and trainings, along with a peaceful pharmacy space where you can quietly wait for your prescriptions to be filled.  Our goal is to be available to these patients for face to face questions and concerns that can’t be given with mail order pharmacies. No need to worry about whether a package will make it on time, or whether it has been kept under proper refrigeration. We want to give every cycle the best chance possible of being successful.

Our Certified Pharmacy Technicians, CPhT will make sure the patient understands the insurance benefits and discount programs available to them, as well as coordinating the filling of the medications at the right times. All of our technicians also have extensive experience working with fertility patients, so they know how to get you the best price and to navigate payment options.  With such experience also comes a gentle, kind patient care because we understand what the patient is going through. We are here to help!

We can provide a patient with all the following needs:

  • Full stock of all infertility medications
  • Face to face counseling
  • Compounded medications
  • Injection Trainings
  • Convenient free delivery options, overnight or same-day when necessary
  • On-call infertility pharmacist available 24/7 to answer your questions
  • Medication Usage Guides
  • Saturday hours for those unexpected, last minute needs

Prescription Medications include:

  • Menopur
  • Endometrin
  • Novarel
  • Gonal-F
  • Ganirelix
  • Cetrotide
  • Ovidrel
  • Crinone
  • Leuprolide
  • Progesterone
  • Clomiphene
  • Estradiol
  • And more…

Hann’s Pharmacy will be there for the patient – to listen, guide, support and care LOCALLY.