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From Father to Daughter

Named in memory of Jon “Wes” Hann, RPh, our mission is to return pharmacy to a time when getting medicine was secondary to the relationship between patient and pharmacist. This most trusted profession was passed down from father to daughter because Wes loved what he did, and so do we. At Hann’s, we want every patient who walks in to feel at home, ask questions comfortably, and know they are getting great care with a personal touch.

Our dedicated pharmacists are always available to give trusted advice on all prescriptions, over the counter medications, and durable medical equipment. We take the time to help all patients understand their medications, give injection trainings, and be an additional support in their treatment. In addition, we are proud to have pharmacists with extensive fertility experience. We understand and keep in mind the emotions of a patient dealing with health issues, and we strive to make them feel more at ease.