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Let us fill your prescriptions!

Our experienced and knowledgeable pharmacists, Kristen Hann Souders and Ellen Smith, have a combined 40+ years of experience and are here to fill your prescriptions and answer your questions.  They are also able to take the time to review your current medications to check for drug interactions, as well as an overall evaluation for necessity of those medications called Medication Therapy Management, or MTM.

We are able to bill all insurances and we will stay competitive with cash pricing from other pharmacies.

Have them at another pharmacy?  Easy!  Just call us with the name and location of the pharmacy, plus the name of your medications, and we will take it from there.  We will call you as soon as they are ready for pick-up.

Worried about parking at our facility?  Don’t be!  We have designated parking spots for our pharmacy on the side of the 8505 building.  Plus, you can call us when you are on the way and we will make sure parking is not a problem.

We now also offer HOME DELIVERY!!! So simply have your prescription transferred to Hann’s and we can get it out to you in many cases on the SAME DAY! No need to worry about parking or the weather!